Parallel is an augmented reality game meant to make you learn the concept of electromagnetism.

Parallel is a ludic application that allows college students to learn the concepts linked to particles movements in an electromagnetic field.

How Parallel works

Application Parallèle

Launch the app

Once the application is installed and the markers are printed, start the mobile application and point the camera of your mobile device towards the markers. A marker will allow you to visualize the glass bloc, useful to the practice.

Application Parallèle

Start the Game

A second marker will allow you to visualize a Sumerian chest. The students must move the beam of particles inside the opaque bloc while practising their comprehension of its behaviour.

Application Parallèle

Solve the Riddle

The students have 30 minutes to discover 3 symbols hidden on the different inside surfaces of the chest. These symbols are necessary to open the treasure’s door, visible with the third marker.

To Obtain the Application and the Markers

We hand over the markers for the application for free by email. Use the form below to contact us and make your request. The application is free on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Use the links below to access it.